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Project Name: The Pandavas (Hi-Tech IP)

Channel Name: Cartoon Network (Warner Media)

Project Outline:

One of the most popular Indian mythology – Mahabharata is an epic tale of struggle between two sets of brothers - the pandavas and the kauravas. It symbolises the victory of truth and justice represented by the pandavas over the manipulations and immortality of kauravas.
The tales of Mahabharata, which has been a part of Indian culture, has been presented as live action series innumerable times for gec’s. The basic premise of this mythology deals with questions of morality and life.
It’s the familiarity and popularity of the characters of pandavas and kauravas amongst the kids in India which gives an edge to a series like little pandavas. It will bring the adventure of the 5 brothers from their childhood, something which has not been captured in any of the versions of Mahabharata presented on Indian tv so far.
The best season will be based in gurukul (school) where they are trained in weaponry to basic learning, basically preparing them as the future rulers of their kingdom. We will be exploring their adventures and battles both physical and moral, bringing in the humour as well as the underlying message to each story.

Medium: 3D Animation

Project Started On: October 2021


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